Friday, 12 August 2011

Sexy Mamas

Back in the day, moms used to be right below cleaning toilets on the list of what was sexy.  What with the bad perms, aprons and dowdy clothes it was no wonder that the hot single secretaries got all the attention.  Yet nowadays a baby bump is the hottest accessory a girl could be sporting.  What is going on?  The supposedly “Most Beautiful Women” in the world is the mother of twins, cougars have their own town and people are wearing ‘Got MILF?’ T-shirts. 

It does a body good

Not that I am complaining.  I am ecstatic that being a mom doesn’t automatically put me out to pasture.   I love fashion, accessories and short skirts and I and am not nearly ready to retire my stilettos.  Most importantly, I don’t want my husband checking out his secretary.  My question is what happened between the 1950’s and now that has changed our perceptions of the sexuality of moms?
Now I am certainly not an expert on this subject by any means, but after giving it some consideration between changing dirty diapers today I have come up with a few theories of why men find mommy’s sexy:

1.  No penis will ever intimidate us.  After facing down forceps, speculums, and vacuums and surviving the passage of an entire human being through our vaginas, we will never again be intimidated by a penis.  Big, small, skinny, thick, we won’t flinch.  Unless it is trying to get us pregnant.  Then we may run in the other direction.

2.  Men like a challenge.  Compared to the youth of yesteryear, today’s young ladies are a bit more open minded about things like pre-marital sex, therefore making it less of a challenge for today’s men to get laid.  However, trying to find a mom who is in the mood for hanky panky is about as easy as finding a fish that wants to be caught.  It takes ten times the effort to catch a mom; hence, it is ten times as rewarding.

3.  Moms are so much hotter than they used to be.  Thanks to medical science and Dr. Oz, people (women in particular) are taking better care of themselves, living longer and looking better.  Whereas a forty year old person in the 1900’s probably would not have all their teeth, women today age much more gracefully and have better dental coverage.  Boob jobs, Botox, makeup and moisturizers all help to keep women looking younger longer. So since moms can now look just as good as the younger ladies, of course men would want to see what benefits experience can bring to the bedroom. 

So while we mom’s still have our days when the perma-ponytail’s and spit-up stained sweats render us unsexy, it is nice to know that if we want to we can still render the opposite sex helpless.  I guess that is one more mommy superpower to add to our list.

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  1. I have nothing to add except this awesomeness which will explain everything!