About the Blog:

Mommyland is a wonderful place.  Its main export is sticky baby kisses, it smells like baby powder, and as a citizen I get all the milk I can drink.  Yeah, there are the occasional diaper bombs to deal with, but they usually aren’t lethal.   All in all, I am proud to call Mommyland home.
But like Disneyland, Toyland, Iceland or any other fictional land, if you are stuck there all the time and never allowed to leave you would go a little crazy.  Heck, one too many times on the It’s a Small World ride and I am ready to don some suspenders and dance around like an Oompa-Loompa.  So that’s why, every once in a while I like to take a little vacation from Mommyland – an escape if you will. 

This is usually done under the cover of darkness and involves some (cyber) space travel.  Sometimes I like to read up on the latest celebrity scandal; sometimes I like to learn something to make me a better mom.  Often I just end up catching up on my sleep, albeit with a keyboard stuck to my forehead (it’s amazing how well I can sleep on electronics).  But whatever I do, I always come back to Mommyland refreshed and ready to be an even better mom.  Even if all I did was meet up with some other moms and complain about how hard it is to get vomit out of a suede sofa. 

So in creating this blog I wanted to create a place where all moms can come to escape Mommyland for a little while.  If for just ten minutes one mom can take a break (aren’t we required that by law at least once a day?) and be reminded that, not only are there millions of other moms out there going through the same thing we are, but that there is a whole other world outside Mommyland as well, then the hours of sleep I have forgone to write this have not been sacrificed in vain.  
The bottom line is, being a mom is an amazing thing, but we all need a chance to just be us.  A woman.  Wendy.  Jennifer.  Sarah.  Whatever your given name is, not just ‘Mommy’ - you know - the name you took on after pushing a human being out of your you-who.   So when you're drowning in dirty diapers and you have another one of those darn Wiggles songs stuck in your head, know that it's time for you to Escape from Mommyland. 

It’s like the vacation you’ll never get.


About Wendy:

Wendy is the brains behind Escape from Mommyland.  Believe it or not, she is university educated and, for a while at least, until she developed a severe case of Mommybrain, other parents actually let her teach their children.  Like in school.  I know; I can't believe it either.

She currently resides in Mommyland with her husband and two children.