Friday, 21 October 2011

The Book of Mom-some

I just read the Book of Awesome, which, need I say it, was awesome.  However, as the author of this witty tome was male and (as far as I know) had yet to procreate, he was unable to include in his work the many awesome mommy-related moments (to which I apply the label of Mom-some), that, in my opinion are the best kinds of awesome moments.  Sure, scraping all the lint off an overflowing lint trap (which is an actual entry in the book of awesome) can bring one a certain satisfaction, but how does that compare to sticky baby kisses?  I rest my case.
So I decided to take it upon myself to fill this void of Mom-someness.  Because, let’s face it, Mommyland is a whole other world where the regular, mundane awesome things are often eclipsed by super-fantastic, tear-inducing, melt-your-heart super Mom-some moments that deserve to be recognized in their own right.  Such as:
When you tell your kid(s) to do or stop doing something and they actually listen
Maybe it was your tone of voice.  Maybe all those time-outs are finally starting to pay off.  Or maybe you are just so freaking amazing that your kid knows better than to mess with you.  Oh the power!  That’s right, you said it, and he did it.  You did not have to get off your ass or put down your cup of coffee.  You did not have to throw yourself between two sprawling, yelling, wrestling tiny tots and take a finger to the eye in order to stop the mayhem.  A word was enough.  You my friend are ... Mom-some!
When the baby waits until he is with your spouse to have a crap
We have a rule in our house – if a kid craps on your time, you have to clean it up.  That’s right, you smelt it, you felt it, you clean it.  So when you just so happen to time it so that 10 minutes after passing off the baby to your husband the kid lets one rip, sit back, relax and at know that that is one dirty diaper you don’t have to deal with.  Mom-some!
The feel of chubby arms around your neck
 Sure you hug your kid all the time but that cannot compare to when they really hug you back.  I mean, grab on, shove their face down on your shoulder, almost strangle you with the insane strength of their puny baby arms kind of hug.  In my opinion there is no more heartfelt “I love you – thanks for cleaning my smelly bum” moment than this. Mom-some!
What is that sound?  Oh yeah, it’s peace and quiet.  I almost forgot what that sounded like.  Now excuse me while I go curl up on the couch and catch up on some Ellen.  Mom-some!
When your kid(s) sleep in
You wake up and all is quiet.  No one is screaming or yelling “MOMMY, WAKE UP!” You crack an eyelid and there is no one starring back at you sucking their thumb and demanding breakfast.  You open your other eye and glance at the clock.  8:15. SWEET!  If this is the first time this has happened you may tip-toe down the hall and crack open the baby’s room to make sure they are still breathing, but once you have confirmed that your baby hasn’t been kidnapped and is in fact still roaming through dreamland, you run down the hallway with a goofy grin on your face, dive back under the still warm covers and revel in the fact that the sun is up and you aren’t.  Hey, you might even have time for some early morning nookie.  It doesn’t get more Mom-some than this!
When a kiss fixes everything
Whether it is a case of scraped knees, bumped noggins or simply sore egos, when a kiss from mom dries all the tears and brings back a grin, take a moment and celebrate the fact that you just fixed someone’s entire world.  Yes, your love is that powerful.  How Mom-some are you??!
When your kid(s) ask for more vegetables
What was that?  You want more broccoli?  Sure!  How about some cauliflower with that?  Who cares if this is the first vegetable you ate in a week – it still warrants tweeting the following:  “MY KID IS EATING VEGETABLES!  I am amazing, I am super-mom, and I AM MOM-SOME!”
This is by no means a comprehensive list.  The life of every mom is filled with Mom-some moments, but the sad thing is many of them pass by unnoticed.  We are so privileged to be moms; yes, it is easy to forget this fact when your ears are still ringing from the piercing shrieks erupting from your little bundle of joy, but the fact still remains.  There are many women out there who are unable to experience the joys of motherhood, not to mention all the men out there who will never know the joy of feeling a life growing inside of them.  What are a few poopy diapers compared to that?  So grab on to each Mom-some moment as they come, enjoy it, celebrate it, and know that you are more than awesome – you are MOM-SOME!

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